Cannabis Companies Need to Stop Ignoring IP Laws

No matter how big or small, most businesses will take legal action to protect the value, brand recognition, and reputation associated with their intellectual property. Until recently, marijuana was illegal under federal and state law. Now that some states have legalized marijuana, cannabis companies are more highly scrutinized to intellectual property laws. Due to the […]
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in the Olympics

Why Intellectual Property Matters to the Olympics In 2015, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) created the Olympic Charter (1) to enforce the mission of the Olympic Movement. Part of this mission is to implement the intellectual property rights to protect the value of sponsorships and potential revenues. The charter serves as an advisement of how […]

Bittersweet Symphony: Copyright and the Music Industry

For aspiring musicians, there are lessons to be learnt from the industry‚Äôs largest lawsuits. Whether you are writing original content, or sampling from former pieces (no matter how minor) always ensure that your copyright protections are in order before going public. In April 2014, Canadian musician Robin Thicke was sued by the estate of Marvin […]

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Bizarre Situation Costs Fidget Spinner Inventor Millions; or did it?

Why is the inventor of the Fidget Spinner not making any money off of them? The answer is more complicated than you'd think.