Why Cannabis Companies Should Properly Mark Their Intellectual Property

Marking and Cannabis Having operated for so long in the black and gray market, the cannabis industry lacks knowledge of certain business and marketing tools that other industries use to succeed, such as the proper marking of intellectual property. As the prospect of cannabis legalization at the federal level is becoming more probable, it is […]

Cannabis Company Protects Marijuana Strain Patents

  Last year, we covered how the USPTO granted Biotech the first patent on a strain of marijuana,. We decided to take a look at what Biotech Institute (BI) has done since then to protect their patent and how this has impacted their IP strategy. Since obtaining the approval on the first cannabis strain patent, […]

A Startup’s Guide to Marking Intellectual Property

Knowing the Difference Between “TM”, “©” , “(R)” , “All rights reserved”, and “Patent Pending” Intellectual property(IP) is one of those things that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. Most people know that obtaining IP protection is something worth doing, however, many believe it to be a “set-it-and-forget-it” type deal. Unfortunately, you […]

Papertowns: How Cartographers Cleverly Protect Their Copyrights

  In the 1930s, mapmakers Otto G. Lindberg and his assistant Ernest Alpers, assigned the anagram of their initials, “Algoe”, to a dirt crossroad in Colchester, a little town in Delaware County, New York. The fictitious “paper town”, later featured in John Green’s novel titled Paper Towns, was designed as a copyright trap to catch […]

NJ Pizza Company Wins Trademark Battle Over Garden State Parkway

What happens when a pizza company bases its logo on a highway sign? It turns out that the owner of that highway (in this case, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or “NJTA”) will file multiple actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or “TTAB.” Boardwalk Pizza, Inc., the owner of the the JERSEY BOARDWALK […]

4 IP Strategies That Every Cannabis Startup Should Be Using

Erasing the Stigma Fully embracing the startup culture, Millenials are quickly adapting the learning and teachings from their experiences into distinguishable cannabis brands. Like most startups that spring from the voids of basements and garages, this counter-culture market is looking to adopt the same strategies that many small and large businesses use to make their […]

Animal Selfie Creates Copyright Issues for Photographer

MONKEY BUSINESS How much can a selfie really be worth? For British photographer David Slater, about six years of legal fees and over $10,000 in royalties.1 The legal battle concerning the copyright of a wildlife photograph ended earlier last year when Slater agreed an out of court settlement with animal rights organisation People for the […]

What Every Cannabis Startup Needs to Know About State and Federal Trademarks

As most business owners know, having protection over one’s brand is important, and trademarks are a popular way of protecting that brand. For many years, having federal trademark protection was the “gold standard” of trademark protection. However, there exist other forms of trademarks which can be excellent tools for the right type of business, such […]

6 Reasons Every Cannabis Startup Needs To Trademark Their Brand

Trademarks are important to every business, especially to those that operate in the fledgling cannabis space. Brief Rundown of Trademarks Trademarks give you protection over your brand. Specifically, trademarks give you the right to use a name or logo in connection with the goods you sell, the services you provide, or both. Trademarks can cover […]

Cowboys and Patent Protection: A Tactical Use of Native American Sovereignty

There are two places you go to invalidate a patent: Federal district court or a smaller administrative court called the “Patent Trial and Appeal Board” or as it is referred to in the industry, the “PTAB”. While district courts are the traditional forum to challenge the validity of a patent, the PTAB has been a […]

Cannabis Companies Need to Stop Ignoring IP Laws

No matter how big or small, most businesses will take legal action to protect the value, brand recognition, and reputation associated with their intellectual property. Until recently, marijuana was illegal under federal and state law. Now that some states have legalized marijuana, cannabis companies are more highly scrutinized to intellectual property laws. Due to the […]
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in the Olympics

Why Intellectual Property Matters to the Olympics In 2015, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) created the Olympic Charter (1) to enforce the mission of the Olympic Movement. Part of this mission is to implement the intellectual property rights to protect the value of sponsorships and potential revenues. The charter serves as an advisement of how […]

Bittersweet Symphony: Copyright and the Music Industry

For aspiring musicians, there are lessons to be learnt from the industry’s largest lawsuits. Whether you are writing original content, or sampling from former pieces (no matter how minor) always ensure that your copyright protections are in order before going public. In April 2014, Canadian musician Robin Thicke was sued by the estate of Marvin […]

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