Did Google Plagiarize? An Inquiry Into Fair Use and Copyright Infringement

By: Caprice Herjavec Copyright law allows the creator of an original work to claim almost exclusive rights to its reproduction and use. The key word here is “almost.” The scope of copyright is limited, in part, due to a doctrine called “fair use.” Fair use prescribes certain exceptions for copyrighted works to be reproduced without […]

Buc-ee’s v. Choke Canyon BBQ Trademark Dispute

By: Paige Mankin Buc-ee’s v. Choke Canyon BBQ Trademark Dispute In late May, a federal jury determined in a trademark infringement challenge that the image below (left) was too similar to the image below (right). Buc-ee’s Ltd. (Buc-ee’s) is a company that operates a chain of 33 gas stations and convenience stores throughout Texas, Alabama, […]
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India Welcomes New Intellectual Property Mascot: “IP Nani”

By: Paige Mankin India Welcomes New Intellectual Property Mascot: “IP Nani” One of the central purposes of intellectual property rights is to promote innovation and thus propel social and economic growth. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about intellectual property rights, especially to children, in effort to foster creativity and innovation from an early […]

What Startups Need to Know About Master Service Agreements

By: Kurt M. Watkins Mastering Your Service Agreement Most startups offer services rather than goods to their customers. These types of professional services can range from things like designing, consulting, software, or data management. When a business engages another business for the first time, there is usually only a small relationship between the two, such […]
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Tech Companies Battle Over Trade Secret: Uber vs. Waymo

In 2016, Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber, alleging that their former employee Anthony Levandowski stole trade secrets from Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project, and transferred them to Uber. After more than a year of a heated public relations campaign and corresponding legal battle fought on both sides, Waymo accepted a settlement offer from Uber. Uber agreed to a financial deal that conceded about $245 million in company equity to Waymo. Further, it agrees to not integrate any of Waymo’s proprietary information into its software or hardware products.

IP Protection Spotlight: Canopy Growth

By: Matthew G. Miller Canopy Growth Corporation, a Canadian based company is one of the leaders in the cannabis production industry. The brands under Canopy Growth’s umbrella are all based in Canada. Founded in 2014, Canopy Growth is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and owns a vast intellectual property […]
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3D Printing and Cannabis

By: Paige Mankin 3D Printing and Cannabis This article explores the cross-section of two rapidly growing industries: 3D printing and cannabis. The prospect of widespread cannabis legalization alongside the recent growth in 3D printing innovation presents potentially fruitful opportunities on both ends. That is, this is an opportunity for 3D printing startups to break into […]

Why Cannabis Companies Should Properly Mark Their Intellectual Property

By: John Acito Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know how we can help you! Email MG Miller Here Marking and Cannabis Having operated for so long in the black and gray market, the cannabis industry lacks knowledge of certain business and marketing tools that other industries use to succeed, such as […]

Cannabis Company Protects Marijuana Strain Patents

By: Matthew G. Miller Last year, we covered how the USPTO granted Biotech the first patent on a strain of marijuana,. We decided to take a look at what Biotech Institute (BI) has done since then to protect their patent and how this has impacted their IP strategy. Since obtaining the approval on the first […]

A Startup’s Guide to Marking Intellectual Property

By: John Acito Knowing the Difference Between “TM”, “©” , “(R)” , “All rights reserved”, and “Patent Pending” Intellectual property(IP) is one of those things that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. Most people know that obtaining IP protection is something worth doing, however, many believe it to be a “set-it-and-forget-it” type […]

Papertowns: How Cartographers Cleverly Protect Their Copyrights

By: Matthew G. Miller In the 1930s, mapmakers Otto G. Lindberg and his assistant Ernest Alpers, assigned the anagram of their initials, “Algoe”, to a dirt crossroad in Colchester, a little town in Delaware County, New York. The fictitious “paper town”, later featured in John Green’s novel titled Paper Towns, was designed as a copyright […]

NJ Pizza Company Wins Trademark Battle Over Garden State Parkway

By: Paige Mankin What happens when a pizza company bases its logo on a highway sign? It turns out that the owner of that highway (in this case, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or “NJTA”) will file multiple actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or “TTAB.” Boardwalk Pizza, Inc., the owner of the […]

4 IP Strategies That Every Cannabis Startup Should Be Using

By: John Acito Erasing the Stigma Fully embracing the startup culture, Millenials are quickly adapting the learning and teachings from their experiences into distinguishable cannabis brands. Like most startups that spring from the voids of basements and garages, this counter-culture market is looking to adopt the same strategies that many small and large businesses use […]

Animal Selfie Creates Copyright Issues for Photographer

By Hardy Hewson MONKEY BUSINESS How much can a selfie really be worth? For British photographer David Slater, about six years of legal fees and over $10,000 in royalties.1 The legal battle concerning the copyright of a wildlife photograph ended earlier last year when Slater agreed an out of court settlement with animal rights organisation […]

What Every Cannabis Startup Needs to Know About State and Federal Trademarks

By: Matthew G. Miller As most business owners know, having protection over one’s brand is important, and trademarks are a popular way of protecting that brand. For many years, having federal trademark protection was the “gold standard” of trademark protection. However, there exist other forms of trademarks which can be excellent tools for the right […]

6 Reasons Every Cannabis Startup Needs To Trademark Their Brand

By: John Acito Trademarks are important to every business, especially to those that operate in the fledgling cannabis space. Brief Rundown of Trademarks Trademarks give you protection over your brand. Specifically, trademarks give you the right to use a name or logo in connection with the goods you sell, the services you provide, or both. […]